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Awards for excellence

Recently, HRhelp D irector Sheralyn Guy was invited to judge in the HR category of the annual Clubs NSW Awards for Excellence. For competing clubs the awards process involved a holistic and objective review of all aspects of their human resources practices.

Entering the awards provided clubs with a number of benefits. Firstly, clubs were asked to demonstrate how they had performed in a number of key areas. The process of collecting information to demonstrate this was a great way for club managers to reflect on their own performance in human resources. Those clubs that performed well in comparison to their peers were recognised for their success, motivating them to continually improve the way they manage their employees. In addition where gaps existed in their human resource practices, they received feedback and recommendations for improvement. In essence the award process helps a Club get off the dance floor and onto the balcony where they gain an overall picture of the state of their human resource practices. This then lays a solid foundation for future planning and investment in their number one asset, their people.

On reflection the Clubs NSW Award process could be likened to the HRhelp health check. The HRhelp health check is a way to objectively conduct a holistic review of your human resource practices. It is critical to success for owners and managers to periodically step back from the business and analyse how it is performing. Having professional, skilled people involved in this process can enhance it 10-fold. Why make mistakes if someone can tell you how to avoid them? The HRhelp health check is conducted by a small team of highly skilled HR specialists and provides comprehensive, effective and practical recommendations. HRhelp customers have found the health check to be a cost effective way to understand the risks and potential solutions of their people strategy.

To request a HRhelp health check contact us here or call us on +61 2 8006 1280, read on for more details on the HRhelp health check.