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Small Business IR Health Check

Aligning your business to Australia’s New Workplace Relations System

From 1 July 2009, the Australian workplace relations system changed once again. The Australian Government implemented a new workplace relations system called Fair Work. The system includes new dismissal laws, national employment standards and the introduction of modern awards.

HRhelp is providing small businesses (with less than 15 Full Time Equivalent employees) a service called the IR Health Check to help them align to the new workplace regulations.

The HRhelp “IR Health Check” will cover:
  • A review of your current workplace arrangements with your employees including current contracts, conditions and record keeping.
  • Analysis of your current job descriptions and mapping of positions to the new modern awards
  • A complete set of recommendations to ensure you can align your business to the new (Fair Work) regulations
The benefits of HRhelp conducting this review for your business are:
  • HRhelp specialise in providing small and medium businesses with affordable, practical and effective HR solutions
  • We give you peace of mind, knowing your business is compliant with the workplace regulations
  • It will save you time and energy - we are already up to speed with the changes and are helping lots of business like yours.

Every business with employees or contractors must be across this information. Call us today for an obligation free consultation, you’ll be surprised how reasonable our prices are. Ph: + 61 2 8006 1280 email: